Neato Robotics eCommerce Integration

Neato Robotics had been referring customers to retailers to purchase their products. They decided to start selling their robot vacuums directly to customers on their website. This means that we would have to update the website to handle the transactions.

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Botvac Connected Series Website

The Challenge

We would have to do an overhaul to prepare the site for eCommerce functionality. Customers should be able to add products to a cart and complete transactions. Instead of referring to retailers, customers will not have to leave the site to make a purchase.

Our Approach

Work with the team that is providing the eCommerce service to provide a great user experience. We would need to edit the website to include buttons to buy the products and a place to complete the transaction. Neato’s robot vacuums aren’t the only things for sale, either. They will also be selling accessories for their products.

eCommerce Redesign

The buttons on the product pages said “Where to Buy” before this update. That’s because they simply directed customers to retailers where they could buy their robot vacuums and accessories. Now, since they are available for purchase on the website, the buttons say “Add to Cart”. A cart icon is now in the navigations. It is a place where customers can complete their transaction.

This provides Neato with an interesting opportunity. The retailers acted as a middle-man, so having the ability to sell directly to customers has a huge benefit. The eCommerce integration has given Neato more control over the purchase experience. Customers are more likely to follow through because they don’t have to visit another website or rely on another vendor when making their purchase.

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