Avast Landing Page with Scroll Animations

Seeing actions take place while you scroll can be cool, but if it makes it hard to use the page it is cheap. There are some great facts on these pages, as well as cool animations. To top it all off – the user experience is awesome, too!

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Next Generation Cybersecurity Landing Page

The Challenge

Making a landing page is simple enough, until animations are involved. Avast asked us to create an interesting user experience of their landings pages by having things move and rotate as users scroll down the page. We had to make sure the it looked good, worked as intended, and communicated the message that they wanted to send.

Our Approach

Take everything one step at a time. Start by building the structure in HTML, then styling using SASS and CSS, and then move on to development. Of course, while we work on the page we have to make adjustments to each of these things. Then, we have to test it on different systems and displays. After we make sure it works well, it’s off to the client.

Solutions for Mobile and Desktop

We make sure to test the stuff we make on all kinds of screens. There is no reason why your page should not look good on mobile. Do not let your users down by making sure to think about cell phones as well as PCs.

We take pride in our work. Our client’s sites should look good on all screens. If it’s on a laptop or on a phone, users should know how it works. The pages that we make will always take this into account. That’s why when we made these pages for Avast, we knew what we had to do. If you take a look at these pages you will see things move as you scroll, even on a mobile browser. Let our team work for your brand to build great landing pages for your next marketing campaign.

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